Hey! I'm Bettina 👋
I'm a
product designer problem solver strategic thinker

I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at Mozza, a crew of experienced product strategists and designers. I have 9+ years of experience in different areas such as fintech, mobility, e-commerce and e-health. Combining this with a personal background in music and cultural project management, I enjoy exploring a range of opportunities for cultural and social empowerment.

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Onboarding redesign of a monetization platform for content creators


Task Manager module for healthcare practiotioners


About me

I'm in the Product Design field since 2012. I graduated in Brazil and soon after I decided to live in different places: London, Munich, Paris and Lisbon, having worked in early start-ups, non-profitable organisations and big unicorns. In every step of the way, I faced different problems and met people from (and inside) many different cultural contexts, which helped me building my own skillset to create products the best way possible. And here are some of the things I can help you with:

  • ✍ Design Hands-on:
    Building UX and UI end-to-end solution for digital products;
  • ⚓ Methodology 101:
    Improving your problem framing and ideation phases, refine UX methodologies and build top performing frameworks leveraging your teams;
  • 🥡 The UX toolbox:
    Design thinking, sprint methodology, how to apply UX in an Agile environment;
  • 🧠 Build a UX-first mindset:
    Tips and tricks to nurture a strong UX culture within your Product team & company.
Interested? Hit me up at hello@bdavila.me!


Becoming manager of my own peers

Medium article | Doctolib | May 2022

I started off my journey at Doctolib in July 2021 as a Senior Product Designer. After 3 months in the job, my manager asked me if I was interested in taking over a design lead position that was open in the team. To be honest, I never really wanted to become a team manager because management is a completely different job. In my previous job I was offered a management position but I refused the offer, not because I did not want to follow the management path, but simply because I did not trust in my own capacity to manage a team. This time around was nonetheless different.

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What 21st-century design looks like

Medium article | UX Collective | April 2021

Back in October 2020 I had the pleasure to attend Don Norman’s Master Class transmitted by Interaction Design Foundation in which he presented the challenges to the discipline of Design and to all designers in the 21st century. I want to expose in this article the main takeaways I got from Don Norman’s ideas but not without patching them with other references, which I believe it will bring more context and texture to this discussion.

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Service Design: CX and UX as a competitive business advantage

Medium article | AB Tasty | June 2020

Many organisations today, from startups to governments, are investing in customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) for their success, bringing more human-centred design capabilities to increase the business relevance of their projects for clients. And this is happening thanks to a growing number of organisations struggling to meet customers’ expectations and delivering a consistent quality of service across different channels.

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Reframing the problem

Medium article | NYC Design | January 2019

Our problem statement will define the direction we take on the solution space. In this case, no matter how dedicated and efficient is your process in developing the new solution, the results will never be satisfactory if we are addressing the wrong problem. I know this scope is related to design field — more specifically to the design thinking process — but it is not at all restricted to designers and related roles. In fact, design thinking is a methodology utilized by many great innovators in literature, art, music, science, engineering, and business, of course.

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Women in Resistance: MULHERIL and Portal Catarinas as alternative media for women's empowerment in Florianópolis

Dissertation | MA New Media and Society from University of Leicester, UK | April 2018

This master's dissertation shows how the two media groups provide conditions for women’s empowerment as alternative media in the city of Florianópolis, Brazil. The lack of female representation in politics and the symbolic and physical violence women suffer on a daily-basis in the country are linked to the gender gap in the media and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Consequently, structural inequalities in the online world are mapped onto to offline relations of power. The literature chosen draws on feminist theories and media studies to illustrate the presence of women on the Internet and to measure how MULHERIL and Portal Catarinas collaborate with women’s empowerment in their local context.

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Bettina's contributions to designing our suite of products were top-notch in usability and humility towards a user-centric approach. She oversaw a team of product designers in a very complex field that aimed to improve the daily lives of medical care teams. Her team benefited from her ability to grasp high complex circumstances and offer simplification through elegant design solutions. I would love to work with Bettina again.

— Dom Dressler
Design Director at Doctolib


Bettina is an amazing Product Designer! Not only she's super joyful and friendly, but she’s extremely talented. I’ve been impressed by how fast she managed to understand the needs we had, despite the complexity of the projects of our feature team. Also, she brought amazing organizational ideas to improve the collaboration between Product Designer / Product Manager / Developers. In a nutshell, I’ve loved working with Bettina!

— Julie Massard
Product Manager at Doctolib


It is a pleasure to work with Bettina, she's an excellent person who is always willing to help while respecting the team's work. She leads the project correctly so we can give the client the appropriate interface to achieve their objective.

— Jhon Steven Neira
Big Data Engineer at AB Tasty