Bettina D'ávila/ Sr Product Designer

Reset your password: new userflow

Implemented a new user journey to reset the password with a stronger criteria, due to complaints and technical issues in the original solution.

Why we did this project

The security team released new security rules for our users and therefore we had to develop a new solution to be compliant with the new security rules.

We know that changing our password is something necessary but not actually fun to do. Specially when we need to comply with a lot of different rules to make sure our password is safe. And this is why it's important to deliver a design that can motivate people to complete the task.

Besides the security compliance, we enjoyed the opportunity to optimize the userflow because, at that moment, we offered two different flows for users to edit their password. This was not consistent for the users (poor user experience) and neither for our developers, since they had more code to maintain for the same task.

User account: Users could deliberately change their passwords at any time from their user account settings with this dedicated form. No security criteria was communicated.


The first thing to do was to understand the new security rules defined by our security team.

The second thing thing to do was to create a single user flow for the creation of a password: for users trying to reset their password via the "forgot password" link in the login page + for users trying to change their password from their user account.

Merging the different user flow into a single one provides a better UI and UX consistency. Plus, it's also an improvement for the tech team, because it makes it easier to maintain the code and to solve possible bugs in this part of the platform.


Error prevention, error recovery, and feedback are at the center of user experience design. However most password interfaces only validate their security policy after the user submits the form, not while they enter the password itself.

To define the new user journey, I started drafting solutions that could be interactive and fun for the user. The main goal is to generate positive feedback as they achieve each one of the security criterium correctly.

High-fidelity mockups created in Sketch, showing the different steps of the userflow
We removed the form dedicated to change the password inside the account settings and replaced with a button linking to the final form.
When clicking on "forgot password" link in the log in page, we'll send the link to the final form to the user's email.


When you celebrate little wins with the user, the level of frustration is lower due to the increase of dopamine and the bigger are the chances that they will finish the task until the end. Thus, the final solution generates encouraging and fun sentences throughout the process, so the user is encouraged to finish it while they're being correctly informed of their progress of completion.

A live video of the solution in action 💪


Tech lead: Manhulay Siriphol
Front-end developer: Jihan El-medini
Product designer: Bettina D'ávila
Security Compliance Manager: Tony Belot

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