Reset Password Flow

Why this project

We had to reinforce new security guidelines for users to build stronger passwords and protect their accounts. We enjoyed the opportunity to fix the user experience of while we redesigned the entire new user journey to create and reset passwords.


New userflow for AB Tasty users to reset their account password. We asked active users to change their passwords in order to be compliant with the new techincal guidelines to reinforce account security. The solution is an elegant flow that celebrates little wins with the user (by using fun sentences throughout the process), which lowers the levels of frustration and motivates users to complete the task until the very end.

The Team

Tech Lead: Manhulay Siriphol
Front-end Deveoper: Jihan El-medini
Product Designer: Bettina D'ávila
Security Compliance Manager: Tony Belot

AB Tasty

CRO | B2B Web | 2019
🇫🇷 Paris, France

AB Tasty is an all-inclusive B2B/SaaS tool for website and conversion rate optimization, personalization, user engagement, and A/B and MVT testing.

What I did

  • Translated new security guidelines into a UX userflow
  • Adapted product UI to the solution

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