Icon Animation for successful action

Why this project

This is the core action inside the application and there is a lack of visual feedback when completing the main action inside the app. So I developed this icon animation to represent the successful action after sending money to a friend with Lendstar app.


The animation was created from scratch. We implemented it using Lottie library for iOS and Android: when exporting the final animation from Adobe After Effects, the result is a .json file. This same file runs in Android and iOS. The result is a light filem easy to implement by developers and the impact is a design and code consistency across both platforms.

The Team

Product Designer: Bettina D'ávila
iOS Developer: Benjamin Otto
Android developer: Sathvik Parekodi


Fintech | B2C Mobile | 2018
🇩🇪 Munich, Germany

Lendstar is a social finance app for paying and chatting among friends. You can collect money, divide bills and transfer funds directly from your bank account.

What I did

  • Drawed illustrations on Adobe Illustrator
  • Created animation on Adobe After Effects
  • Used Lottie to export final .json files

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